Self-Care Series: A body like mine

Hi all, I haven't had much time to write recently, I've been rather poorly with flu and I've just been trying to get my energy back. Although, typing this after what feels like a short night's sleep hasn't got me feeling great. That makes me feel a bit fed up but feeling that way is... Continue Reading →


Self-Care Series: Where it all began

Hi all, So this is a slight detour to my usual topic of blog post. I want to do a "mini series" on the importance of looking after your mind and making sure you are happy in your skin. Basically, this year I've decided I'm on the long road to loving myself and I want... Continue Reading →

Life After Uni…

IS FANTASTIC! Exhausting too! My body is still adjusting to the 8:30-5 work day and the travelling to and from work makes the day just that bit longer. When I get in, I am so tired! It's nice to have a routine though and I'm surrounded by great people, I have only been working at... Continue Reading →

When I lost my Gran to Dementia

This is a bit different to my usual post... reason being is that I am walking for Alzheimer's society next Sunday and donations have taken a halt. I really want to raise awareness on why it's so important to donate. Why? Because I don't think people understand the impact of dementia/Alzheimer's on someone's life. I... Continue Reading →

A letter from me, to you.

Hi all, So this is a slight different style of blogging to what I usually do but I feel like that now is the perfect time to write a letter, to all of the people in my life. So, here goes...   Dear ALL Another evening goes by and I'm eagerly waiting for another week to... Continue Reading →

I’ve made it!!! Almost.

So I am here, post-dissertation hand-in and pre-exam stress. Currently sat at my desk in Southampton eating sour melon sweets to keep my sugar up because I thought it was a better option than drinking ten cups of coffee to get through my revision notes. Anyway, I thought I'd take a break from exam stress and... Continue Reading →

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