When I lost my Gran to Dementia

This is a bit different to my usual post... reason being is that I am walking for Alzheimer's society next Sunday and donations have taken a halt. I really want to raise awareness on why it's so important to donate. Why? Because I don't think people understand the impact of dementia/Alzheimer's on someone's life. I... Continue Reading →


A letter from me, to you.

Hi all, So this is a slight different style of blogging to what I usually do but I feel like that now is the perfect time to write a letter, to all of the people in my life. So, here goes...   Dear ALL Another evening goes by and I'm eagerly waiting for another week to... Continue Reading →

I’ve made it!!! Almost.

So I am here, post-dissertation hand-in and pre-exam stress. Currently sat at my desk in Southampton eating sour melon sweets to keep my sugar up because I thought it was a better option than drinking ten cups of coffee to get through my revision notes. Anyway, I thought I'd take a break from exam stress and... Continue Reading →

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