Developing your professional self: the importance of digital creativity in PR

Good afternoon,

I am at the end of the first semester of my second year as an MA Student! I’d say this is a time to start winding down for Christmas but I do still have a deadline due mid-January and I also need to start writing the Methodology section of my MA dissertation that I started over the summer to get ahead. In a nutshell, there is plenty to do and not a lot of time!

I wanted to base my blog post this week on what I felt I’ve learnt that has been most valuable to me this semester. This has been the importance of creativity in the PR world. When I started my Professional Development module in September, we had to write a Professional Development Plan to discuss where we wanted to go in the industry and any gaps we had in our skills that we felt we needed to improve on to do this. For me, it was my digital creative skills, most specifically in the Adobe Suite. I had only ever used it once in my first year of University and it was never really my friend then so I had put it off over the last 5 years.

However, looking at the job roles that appealed to us in class, the need for Adobe knowledge kept cropping up and so I knew it was an issue I needed to address. During my Professional Development Plan, I found out from a PRCA report that 91% of PR agencies now offer digital content creation and that the level of digital work is now equal to the amount of traditional work that PR’s do. This of course makes sense, as the world becomes more digital so does the work that we do. 

Luckily I am in a workplace that supports my personal and professional growth so they have let me get involved in creating brochures using Adobe InDesign and I will also look at learning Photoshop in the New Year. I feel like this support has helped my growth in understanding the creative suite but also reminded me that I am creative, I just needed to understand the tools to demonstrate this.

Now I can say going into 2020, that I have learnt another valuable skill for the industry and for myself. Whilst it may be second nature to some people, it’s not to me and I much prefer writing… as you can tell!

What’s the most valuable skill you have learnt this year?

Until next time!

Abi x

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