New Year, New You Campaigns… what makes them so appealing?

Hi all,

So last week I discussed the January sales and the revelation of how misleading they can be at times when we think we are getting a sale, when we are not. 

Another thing I’m really passionate about is body positivity on social media, I’m writing my masters dissertation about it. Which is why I get really frustrated in January when I see these “quick weight loss” or “new diet” adverts pop on the TV. I am a massive advocate for the gym but even I want to throw a cupcake at the TV when I see the 100th gym advert this week. 

Why is January the month of new starts and dramatic lifestyle changes? 

Weight Watchers, Slimming World, the 5:2 diet and The Gym…

Even though I believe you should be able to change your lifestyle whenever you please without the pressures, I have noticed some key things that really stick out this year for me as some adverts have “gone against the grain” of your normal gym/weight loss campaigns: 

  • Curtis Pritchard is the face of the new Weight Watchers Campaign . After becoming a popular Love Island contestant in 2019, Curtis has made himself very present in the public eye and has got himself a solid fan base. After being “fat shamed” from his time in the villa, he is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  I feel like this a great thing for men who don’t feel confident in their weight but feel too embarrassed based on the fact they will feel it’s a lady dominant environment. 


  • Making it feel like you will be part of something. Slimming World has released an advert called ‘Get that Slimming World feeling‘ which has a variety of people of all backgrounds discussing how it’s a community and feels like a family, it’s not just about weight loss it’s about feeling part of something. 


  • PureGym’s 2020 advert ‘The UK’s Favourite Gym’ again discusses the idea of community and taking control in their latest campaign. Community seems to be a regular theme amongst these new year campaigns, to feel a part of something and that it’s not just about looking after yourself as we are always told to do. The emotive side of living a better lifestyle has been captured by the above campaigns. 


How do you feel about January campaigns, do you feel pressure to buy into the sales? Or the need to buy into the gym memberships and weight loss clubs? Do you see it as a positive fresh start or unnecessary new year pressure? Do you think companies could market themselves more creatively?

Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time…

Abi x


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