What makes a successful Christmas campaign?

Hello again!

So… I will kind of admit the little Christmas elf in me has wanted to start making an appearance with all of the Christmas adverts coming to light in the last couple of weeks!

As a PR student, I always look at these campaigns in more depth than just your average person (as all PR’s can relate to!) we see certain things in more depth; the message, the channels used, wanting to know if the outcome was successful and if they achieved their objectives.

Exploring Christmas Adverts of 2019 such as John Lewis’s Excitable Edgar, Argos’ Book of Dreams, Amazon’s singing parcels and Aldi’s Leafy Blinders… the list goes on (!) I have collated some key elements on what makes a Christmas Campaign fill us all with festive joy and talk about the adverts for the next few weeks!

  • Tell a story that plays on the audiences emotions. 

Christmas is all about giving, spending time with loved ones and is meant to be the time of year where you can unwind and relax. Organisations play on this ideology of Christmas and use it to their advantage when constructing their narrative to tell a meaningful and heart warming story. For example, when I saw Excitable Edgar for the first time, I almost cried! John Lewis conveys an innocent child-like character being different from everyone else but wanting to get involved in the festivities of Christmas. Don’t you just want to squeeze Edgar?? Or buy the stuffed toy in the shop?? That’s the John Lewis goal and they ticked that box for me.

  • The music is key.

From Robbie Williams’ ‘Let Me Entertain You’ to Simple Minds ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’, classic best selling songs with a catchy tune that can span the decades of people that watch the adverts, this is an essential part of a Christmas campaign strategy. The music has to reflect the emotions of the advert, this year we can see fun and upbeat adverts with hit songs to match and then to slower hit songs that capture the more emotional side of people. Upbeat or slow, the songs will be looking to get stuck in your head from here on out!

  • Don’t just have the campaign on TV, use all multimedia channels!

You may have noticed hashtags, stuffed character toys in store (ahem- Edgar again) and special pop up websites specifically for the campaign itself. All of these channels and products must communicate and emphasise the same message that is on TV adverts and align with their objectives. This year, John Lewis (can you tell I love this advert?) have Edgar toys and chocolates, something that kids and of course adults can invest in. They have also integrated this campaign in with their partner Waitrose, which as partners they then can convey the same message to their audiences. It will be interesting to measure the sales of these festive products and also measure footfall for supermarkets like Aldi, Tesco and Asda to see how effective their Christmas campaigns are and whether they have any impact on profit.

There are of course more elements of a campaign but 3 key things that have stood out to me this year are the element of storytelling, the relatable music and the ability to see the message communicated effectively across all channels.

I know it’s only November so forgive me for blogging about this now but we are only 5 weeks away from Christmas and whilst I am flabbergasted this year has gone by in a hurry, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year and the adverts are all part of that feeling. If I was a part of creating a campaign strategy that could provide the public with the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see a Christmas advert done well, then wouldn’t that be the icing on the Christmas Cake!?

Until next time!

Abi x

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