Valentine’s Day… is the marketing hype over?

Hi all,

Oh…. it’s been another of those weeks, dust yourself off and keep going. February hasn’t been my friend and I thought weeks in advance, what better blog post to do than a Valentine’s one? However, I just use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to eat silly amounts of  food with my boyfriend of 7 years. It seems that the world is feeling very similar!

The Dating Twitter Advice Bureau

I have struggled to find any particularly appealing campaigns this year other than the ‘The Dating Twitter Advice Bureau’ which actually plays a comical twist on what Valentine’s is stereotypically about. Instead of romance, hearts and flowers , think awkward dates, being ‘ghosted’ and jokey comments about love. People will see these hilarious real-life tweets about romance across Tube Stations in London. Twitter’s aim of the game is to make sure this advice bureau feels relatable. There is even a ‘wheel of misfortune’ for people to spin to see what their next date will be like. With a comical twist on what feels like a cheesy day for couples, I think Twitter has put a great spin on a traditional Valentines campaign which everyone can relate to.

Twitter Advice Bureau, taken from The Drum

(Photo taken from The Drum:

Where is Valentine’s?

As a person who loves a loyalty scheme (discounts and offers are my friend…more of that in another blog post!) I haven’t seen too many Valentine’s promotions other than The Body Shop encouraging you to treat your partner, Fitbit sales, Experience Days’ companies promoting getaways and of course all the lingerie brands… I will say no more! Is Valentine’s Day a thing of the past? It seems to look that way, no heavy promotion on social media, very little email marketing or TV/Radio advertisements.

It seems we’ve been through the Valentines ‘hype’ and then we moved to the ‘Galentines’ marketing campaigns so you could celebrate with your best friends, however, I think Valentine’s Day has faded out more and more in the last year or two due to the big self-love movement.

Why would you need to tell someone you love them when telling yourself is more important? That’s the campaigns that I’m seeing more of and I’m content with that.

Have you come across any Valentine’s campaigns that really appealed to you? I’d love to hear of some!!

Until next time… enjoy Valentine’s Day however you spend it!

Abi x

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