Professional Practice… take time for yourself

Good evening,

SOOOO…. I had another blog post in mind this week but after an emotionally draining couple of weeks that left me to abandon my blog for 2 weeks, I wanted to discuss how it’s important to maintain professionalism meanwhile looking after yourself. Funny enough, it is #TimeToTalk today so this ties in well.

As a student, describing yourself as a ‘professional’ seems really odd doesn’t it? But in the PR industry where you’re networking, keeping your social media profiles professional (or just private!!) you do have to think about your reputation and your image that you want the world to see.

One thing I really have learnt about myself is, if I am coming from a negative headspace of self-doubt and frustration, I am not going to express myself properly. When you feel like this, take a step away from your screen and take some time for yourself. It’s ok not to feel together all the time and it’s ok to feel a bit lost or wonder what you’re doing. Life isn’t a smooth track and having been through 3/4 of my Masters so far and this the first time I’m feeling that way, I’m actually proud. I remember all the way through my Undergraduate degree having moments of feeling lost but just going along with it.

I know this isn’t a particularly PR related post but mental health in universities and workplaces should be top of the list of priorities, keep yourself in check and the rest will follow. Get support from friends, family, colleagues, university services and check in with yourself every so often. It’s really easy to go through the motions and forget how you’re actually feeling.

As a PR student, I always think of everything from a communications point of view. How do I want to communicate myself to people? Do my current work/uni objectives align with how I’m feeling and whether I can realistically achieve these whilst keeping my sanity? Evaluate yourself! Apply a personal AMEC 😉

Now go sit down with a cup of tea, and be nice to yourself. Don’t forget to check in with others around you and ask them how they are doing.

Until next time…

Abi x

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