January sales… a marketing trick?

Hi all, 

So, I wanted to discuss this time of year where we always want to go shopping and why… January sales. 

I find that after Christmas, all the shops have their “best” sales on, whether that’s online or offline. I recently watched a documentary (unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me- which isn’t helpful) BUT it revealed some interesting facts. 

A lot of the online discount codes that we see such as “free delivery if you order by midnight”, pressure us into purchasing things we may not have done without the deal. The worst part is, it’s more than likely that the offer will carry on after midnight and you would’ve been pressured into buying something for no reason. 

Is this “sales manipulation” that’s gone too far? Is this type of marketing deceitful? Promoting offers that are allegedly for a certain period of time and then being extended? 

It’s time for customers to be shopper savvy when looking for deals, it’s worth knowing the difference between a genuine deal and a shiny banner on the website that can be easily avoided. 

As a PR student, I’m more aware on how things are marketed which has certainly helped me make wise buying decisions. When I look to buy something, I always do the following:

  • Shop around, can I find a better (and genuine!) deal elsewhere? 
  • What are the reviews on the product? Are they reliable? 
  • Is it something I need now or am I feeling pressured by the alleged bargain?

Have you noticed the constant deals online and in store? Do you take any notice? Do you find they make you more likely to purchase an item? 

Next week I’m going to explore January ‘New Year’ campaigns and explore the pressures of weigh loss and gym campaigns, keep an eye out!

I’d love to hear you thoughts! 

Until next time! 

Abi x

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