Halloween Campaigns that address scarier issues than witches and ghouls…

Happy Halloween!

It is that time of year again where pumpkin picking and toffee apples are all over our social media channels. Who has the best fancy dress and best pumpkin carving?

Most importantly… who has the best Halloween campaign?

This year, I have noticed that companies are utilising this spooky season as a way to get important messages and issues across. My favourite ones are below:

  1. ITV2’s ‘Blood Squad’

It seems like a no brainer to link Halloween with the NHS Give Blood push, doesn’t it? A perfect celebrity driven campaign where ITV2’s reality stars and presenters “eagerly” audition to join the ‘Blood Squad’ because it’s a cool gang to be a part of. Because giving blood is COOL. It is GOOD. It is not scary. A perfect way to target ITV2’s viewers who roughly age from 16-34 years old according to ITV Media. If you aren’t signing up to give blood by the end of Halloween, then frankly are you even cool? 😉

Take a look here for ITV2’s ‘Blood Squad’ CampaignImage result for blood squad itv2

2. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

I stumbled across Battersea Zoo’s Halloween themed post on Facebook, a post that has currently not quite reached 1000 shares but I believe their message is so so important. Whilst not a campaign as such, they have embraced Halloween to discuss that something far more frightening is going on than ghosts, endangered animals. The use of the visuals of the pumpkins and shocking facts leave you feeling that you need to make a change. A strong message utilising the mainstream occasion of Halloween. A big thumbs up from me! Go and give them a follow and a share! Battersea Zoo Facebook Page

Screenshot 2019-10-29 20.32.18


3. Bumble’s ‘Anti-Ghosting’ 

This campaign is a little bit of a lighter one, that addresses a less serious issue but an issue for some people in the online dating world none the less, ghosting. Bumble did some market research and found that users wanted to “break it off without the boos’ as Bumble so cleverly put it. When people connect with others online and start a conversation to then be completely ignored, it can leave a person feeling insecure and wondering where they went wrong. Bumble have now created tips on how to break it to someone gently that you’re just not that into them! Users have been encouraged to share their “ghosting stories” with Journalist and ‘ghosting expert’ Kate Leaver. Kate worked with Bumble and conducted a number of media interviews on ghosting, which in turn has given the app a large amount of media coverage on their campaign. This is certainly a problem that can be avoided and a perfect time of the year to tackle the ghosting issue, just be nice to each other!

bumble halloween


So there we have it, 3 campaigns that discuss issues (large and small) that can be entwined with the Halloween season. What a spooktacular three they are (cringe Halloween puns are a must!).

Let me know if you have any favourite Halloween campaigns that you’ve seen this year!

Until next time,

Abi x

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