ITV uncover the importance of interactive campaigns with “I’m A Celeb…”

Hi all,

This week I wanted to talk about a programme I look forward to watching every year, without fail. This programme can be identified with just a distinct jungle jingle. That’s right, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is back.

This is a show that year on year, has absolutely smashed viewer ratings and has been a regular award winning success for ITV and for Ant & Dec, who are award winning presenters in their own right. Even when Ant was absent in last year’s show, ratings still exceeded the year before. This reiterates that the show stands by itself on how engaging it is for its audience.

Now, this is want I want to talk about: Consumer engagement. As consumers have always had a say in the ‘I’m A Celeb’ app that can be downloaded from the Apple or Android store, the viewers regularly get to choose which celebrity does a bushtucker trial or who they would like to save which has always helped keep viewers engaged daily throughout it’s three week duration.

ITV have made a lot of their game shows interactive via an app, however this year I’m A Celeb has chosen to do something different.

The series isn’t due to hit our screens until next month but the advertisements have started and they want the people to have their say already! ITV have created an interactive promotional campaign, which is a first for them.  They have released a series of TV advertisements that ask you to choose how Ant and Dec get to Australia. At the end of each week, whichever option the public votes for more is the outcome for the next advert. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the app (I guess I fell into the trap?) and you can vote for either “Arctic Antics” or “Tropical Tides” at the moment. Now needless to say I was expecting something a bit more exciting BUT nevertheless, people feel persuaded to download the app and get involved. This in turn will then encourage people to look out for the advertisements on ITV to see if their option won.


(Photo taken from ITV)

Regardless of whether you downloaded the app and voted or not, this is a clear example of traditional and digital media merging further than before which may be a sneak peak of where the future of campaigns are heading. Integration is something that has been essential in recent years to create successful campaigns, especially now we have social media to voice our opinions and directly communicate with brands. The storytelling aspect is essential in consumer engagement as this makes consumers feel like they are a part of something that they can easily follow.

With I’m a Celebrity being a show that has stood the test of time since 2002, it has seen the digital world become a bigger part of it’s promotion throughout the years and this may be a leader for other TV shows, on ITV and other channels alike. I think it will be interesting to measure this campaign’s success to see how many people engaged with the interactive side of it and to see if it improves viewer ratings. Only time will tell but until then I will keep listening out for those jungle drums!

Until next time!

Abi x

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