How to choose the best topic for your assignment brief

Hi all,

Have you ever felt that when you get handed an assignment brief where you have to pick a topic of your choice, you have no idea where to start?

Me too. Every. Single. Time.

Yet, somehow I always manage to find one that is completely suited to me. So here are some tips to help you come up with a topic that you won’t struggle to write about!

Find something you enjoy talking about!

I have just submitted my topic form for an assignment based around multimedia campaigns and got the big thumbs up from my lecturer to get started. Phew! This is because I chose a company whose campaigns I have recently enjoyed and if I were in the creative industry, I would want to be a part of. The more you enjoy and take an interest in a topic, the easier it is to write about.

Does it have a sufficient amount of research around the topic?

This is beneficial if you are trying to research and critically analyse the topic. You need plenty of information to get your point across! However, if there are some gaps in your research and there isn’t any information out there to fill it, this is still a positive as you can identify key areas where further research is needed!

Talk to your lecturer and your peers

This is a really important point. Do not stress alone as there are people around you to inspire you and make you think about things. This in turn will hopefully produce that “eureka!” moment, if you haven’t had it already. If you just want to run through some ideas with a lecturer or a friend then do that, as that could spark conversation which will lead you into your topic.

TIP: This is something I’ve always done, maybe because I’m passionate about every topic I discuss within an assignment but it helps, I talk it through with an outsider. Not a peer or lecturer, but my parents, a work colleague or my partner. This actually tests the water on how interesting my topic is because they will want to engage with me in discussion about it. My Dad is perfect for this, whilst he’s more practical than academic, he’s pretty clued up on general topics so he discusses my topics with me and brings up relevant and interesting points.

What works for you when you are deciding on a topic? Do you utilise any of the above or is there a piece of advice you would suggest yourself? Let me know!

Until next time!

Abi x


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